Enmac eq 300 usb disk

One additional highlight on all carbon models throughout all price levels is our own DISC-COOLER. While front brakes are always well-cooled thanks to constantly being exposed to the oncoming airstream, the performance of rear brakes benefits from active heat management. The MERIDA engineers had their own vision how this could be done and developed a new solution. The resulting component is made of forged aluminum and is screwed tight under the rear caliper. In this position it effectively dissipates the uprising heat through CNC-milled cooling fins. Tests confirm that during a four minute brake the temperature is reduced by roughly 35° Celsius with the DISC-COOLER (. during a long descent, see figure below).

The reason for changing the voices to GM/XG in 740 conversion is that some of the voices of old models (PSR740, PSR9000, PSR2000) are missing in the PSR3000. AcoGrandPiano (000-112-000/001) is brighter than LivePiano (000-113-000/001) that sounds similar in XG/GM section (000-000-000/001). The sound of SpanishGuitar in old models is absent in PSR3000 panel voices, but I found a similar sound in the XG/GM section, the NylonGuitar2. So I made voice changes accordingly. Also, JazzGuitar is similar to MelowGuitar of XG/GM.

Enmac eq 300 usb disk

enmac eq 300 usb disk