Eq 2 if i only had a brain

I’ve had this EQ chart bookmarked for a couple of years now. It’s really helped me to figure out where my “mud” was and why. The “why” is a big deal for me cuz I figure if I don’t understand that part, I’m doomed to repeat. It also helped me to train my ears to what the different frequencies sound like and to decipher them in the mix. I “met” Glen (at Independent)…at home recording a few years ago and he’s a great guy who has probably forgotten more about this stuff than I’ll ever know.
Good find boss…..

Equalify Pro
Equalify Pro is an equalizer for the windows desktop version of Spotify ( Windows 7 or above is fully supported , vista and below might work as well but no guarantees).
Please use the normal installer available on the Spotify website when installing Spotify. The Windows Store version of Spotify is not currently supported.

This time it is fully parametric and is built for the new version of Spotify, and therefore requires Spotify or above to work.
Equalify Pro was initially released in May 2015 and is being updated continuously.

Since the creation of the original Equalify plugin, it has evolved a lot; both in visuals and features. Equalify Pro blends beautifully into Spotify, just click the Equalify Pro button in the Spotify window to show the equalizer and you can enhance the audio for the best listening experience.

Equalify Pro is now able to seamlessly change the output device without having to restart Spotify, or even pause the music that is playing!
It is simple to install, and when you create an account you can choose from various license models to suit your needs.
The multitude of settings makes it easy for you to get Spotify working and sound like you want it to.

You will be able to download Equalify Pro after logging in and purchasing your license.

Eq 2 if i only had a brain

eq 2 if i only had a brain


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