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To setup SquirrelMail, using
perl / path/to/webmail /config/
go to option "6. Address Books (LDAP)". To configure use "1. Change Servers":
hostname is: localhost (assuming the ldap server is on the same machine)
base is: o=sql, c=RU (for the test database)
port is: 389
name is: (whatever you want to refer to it by)
Everything else is optional. Use "l" to list and "d" to finish. Don't forget to save before exiting. Access to this is through Compose via the Address button.

On the coastal section of Southeast Africa, a mixed Bantu community developed through contact with Muslim Arab and Persian traders, leading to the development of the mixed Arab, Persian and African Swahili City States . [39] The Swahili culture that emerged from these exchanges evinces many Arab and Islamic influences not seen in traditional Bantu culture, as do the many Afro-Arab members of the Bantu Swahili people . With its original speech community centered on the coastal parts of Tanzania (particularly Zanzibar ) and Kenya  – a seaboard referred to as the Swahili Coast  – the Bantu Swahili language contains many Arabic loan-words as a consequence of these interactions. [40]

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