Equipoise powder

It’s not necessary to have competed alongside The Curv’s designers, all World Cup veterans, to appreciate The Curv DTX, but it’s fair to say it favors those with some race training on their resume. The best Technical skis recreate the sensations of racing without the complications imposed by FIS-sanctioned shapes and World-Cup-level flexes. The Curv DTX makes it easy to carve like a champ: the triple radius sidecut pulls the skier into the arc on autopilot, and its softer flex allows it to be decambered by someone who doesn’t train every day.

Legendary pro wrestler and bodybuilder Ric Draisin, who was widely known as one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s early training partners, was described as a WFN “ambassador and media partner”. Acclaimed documentary movie maker Chris Bell, who directed documentaries related to anabolic steroids and pharmaceuticals such as “Bigger Stronger Faster” and “Prescription Thugs”, gave a glowing testimonial praising WFN as one of the “top compounding pharmacies in the country” as “100% legal”; Bell spoke highly of “Dr. Rodriguez” for providing him with steroids and steroid advice.

Equipoise powder

equipoise powder


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