Glyceryl undecylenate hlb

I found one more for you online … I guess the people at Medical College of Georgia are dummies to title an article about phosphatidylglycerol as “Natural Signal Holds Promise For Psoriasis, Age-related Skin Damage”. http:///releases/2007/06/
Once you overcome your scientific rightness you will likely realize that scientists still have to communicate with the rest of the world and use word hastily like “chemicals” in context when communicating with consumers to describe currently accepted product marketing language.
I think you need a prescription for medical marijuana to relax a bit… is it a drug, is it legal, is it mood enhancer, is it natural, oh no it doesn’t fit into a little defined box just like everything else in the world doesn’t always fit into some nice little definition.
Learning to apply and communicate science beneficially to current human life on planet earth is the real challenge today.

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate(SSL) Characters: Ivory powder or flake-shaped solid. It can be dispersed well in hot water and soluble in ethanol and hot oils and fats with pleasant caramel-like odor. It is an anionic emulsifier with HLB value of . Applications: It can be used for multiple purposes su ch as emulsification, aging resistance, gluten fortifying and fresh-keeping in many kinds of food such as bread, steam bread, noodle, instant noodle and dumpling. It can also be used as an emulsifier in milk, non-dairy creamer, margarine, fresh cream, meat products, animal and vegetable oils, etc. (1) Increase the springiness, toughness and gas-holding capability of dough, increase volume of the bread and steam bread and improve the organization and structure. (2) It can react with amylose to delay and prevent the food aging. (3) It can make it easier to remove biscuits from moulds to produce smooth appearance, distinct layers and crisp feeling in mouth. (4) It can make hot and spicy food more pliable and softer and prolong the preservation time. (5) It can produce smoother surface, lower broken ratio, higher soaking and boiling resistance for noodle, dried noodle and instant noodle, and make them chewier. (6) Enhance the quality of quick frozen food, improve their organization and structure, and prevent surface cracking and filling escaping. Usage: (1) It can be directly mixed well with flour for use� (2) Put this product into warm water at about 60 with proportion of 1:6 to get paste shaped substance, ten add it into flour in proportion to obtain better effect. (3) When used in non-dairy creamer or this kind of substance, it should be heated well with emulsified substance to get homogeneous emulsion before further processing. Recommended Adding Amount: ~ %( Calculated by Flour, Refer to GB2760-2011) Technical Index Acid value(Calculated by KOH) / (mg/g)60- 80 Ester value (Calculated by KOH) / (mg/g)120- 190 Total lactic acid (W/%)- Sodium content(W/ %- Pb(mg/kg)2 Packaging Aluminized bag vacuum packing with nitrogen inside. Net weight:20KG/CTN(5KG *4) or packaged with moisture proof paper bag, 25kg/bag.. Storage & Transportation: Sealed and stored in the low temperature, dry, cool and well-ventilated place, in order to prevent from moisture and caking. Strictly forbid storing and trasporting with materials that is explorsive, combustible or deleterious. The shelf life is 12 months.

Glyceryl undecylenate hlb

glyceryl undecylenate hlb


glyceryl undecylenate hlbglyceryl undecylenate hlb