Haldol davis pdf

Some people who abuse drugs show symptoms similar to those of schizophrenia, and people with schizophrenia may be mistaken for people who are high on drugs. While most researchers do not believe that substance abuse causes schizophrenia, people who have schizophrenia abuse alcohol and/or drugs more often than the general population.

As you may have gathered by now, I am no longer employed with Kaiser and if I had not resigned my position, would probably have been fired for my thorough review of the records I reviewed. I did not hesitate to speak loudly and frequently about the discrepancies I had found — and, as such, was not viewed as a valuable asset! (In fact, I had been “disciplined” and given poor performance evaluations for essentially doing the job that was required of me — audit for the complete and accurate documentation in the medical record).

Haldol davis pdf

haldol davis pdf


haldol davis pdfhaldol davis pdf