Haldol voie d'administration

Very common (10% or more): Extrapyramidal disorder (up to 34%), hyperkinesia (up to 13%), headache (up to 12%)
Common (1% to 10%): Tardive dyskinesia, dystonia, dyskinesia, akathisia, bradykinesia, hypertonia, somnolence, masked facies, tremor, dizziness, parkinsonism/parkinsonian effects
Uncommon (% to 1%): Convulsion, akinesia, cogwheel rigidity, sedation, involuntary muscle contractions, gait disturbance, persistent tardive dyskinesia
Rare (% to %): Motor dysfunction, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, nystagmus
Frequency not reported: Drowsiness, epileptic/grand mal seizure, vertigo , lethargy
Postmarketing reports: Opisthotonos [ Ref ]

Hearing voices can be a symptom of serious, and even life-threatening, conditions. Seek immediate medical care (call 911) if you cannot distinguish the voices from reality or if the voices are accompanied by bluish coloration of the lips or fingernails; chest pain or pressure; cold, clammy or dry, hot skin; confusion or loss of consciousness for even a moment; high fever (higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit); persistent vomiting ; rapid, slow or absent pulse; respiratory or breathing problems, such as rapid or slow breathing, shortness of breath , or no breathing; seizure ; serious injury; severe abdominal pain ; or threatening, irrational or suicidal behavior. Also seek immediate medical care if the voices you hear are telling you to harm yourself or others.

Haldol voie d'administration

haldol voie d'administration


haldol voie d'administrationhaldol voie d'administrationhaldol voie d'administrationhaldol voie d'administrationhaldol voie d'administration