Ineed to increase my testosterone levels

Dear Saurabh,
Thank you very very much for your posting! I am not a great IT-man, but It worked!!
My internal memory was about full, so I could not install an update of Whatsapp, which would result in being cut off from Whatsapp (and I use it a lot).
So I followed what you wrote (did not use the video, as you talk so quickly, my mother tongue is not English, Let alone Indian English; perhaps next time you could try to talk very slowly, have mercy on people like me ;-)
I did need a factory reset, and it took me a lot of time to have all my settings back, but this had the advantage that some of the apps worked better than before), but now I have a comfortable 6 gb internal memory, and can install and update without worries! So thanks again!!! I will spread this to everyone who has the same problem.
Regards, Jouke


I was sent as a missionary from the . to Spain in 1991. THe church that sent me had no resourses and there was no ecconomic support at all. we just knew it was Gods will. I was able to establish two congreations at that time as a full time minister. I have been working in the ministry ever since and 20 years ago I relocated to a small spanish town where I have served the local churches and missions in India. I have just taken over the pastoral role of the church where we have been members for the last 11 years. The church is small and has a commitment to pay rent for the building where we meet. I would not even expect the church to pay me a wage at this point in time. I am working to support my family, I would love to be a full time missionary again and I am investigating ways to raise funds so I can be free to serve Gods people full time.
Thank you so much for your advice.

Ineed to increase my testosterone levels

i need to increase my testosterone levels


i need to increase my testosterone levelsi need to increase my testosterone levelsi need to increase my testosterone levelsi need to increase my testosterone levelsi need to increase my testosterone levels