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Although born in Cheshire, Andy Goldsworthy has spent almost three decades in Scotland, creating work imbued with the wild, often dreich beauty of the country’s landscapes. Goldsworthy’s practice involves the creation of site-specific land art, made from natural ephemera such as leaves and pebbles, which the artist then captures in photographs. His artistic process can sometimes be so stripped back as to appear ascetic, with Goldsworthy using only his bare hands, teeth and body to create some pieces; his renowned ‘rock-balancing’ works seem to appeal to this monolithic, almost prehistoric drive to make art. His success has seen Goldsworthy receive numerous accolades, including an OBE in 2000 and a Scottish Arts Council Award; perhaps more importantly, he is credited with giving land art the kind of visibility unimaginable in 1985, when Goldsworthy made his move north of the border.

The reason why this will lead to depression, where it may not have done so for an equivalent person 200 years ago, is because you were raised on illogical stories where things always work out for the main character for utterly arbitrary reasons. Han Solo can shoot straight, but none of the bad guys can--even though they train more. John McClane beats the terrorists because he has toughness and perseverance--something the bad guys lack, even though they should be equally desperate. If a guy and a girl are right for each other, they always wind up together, careers and geography and personal hang-ups be damned.

Most important male hormone

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