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I didn’t get to finish my original just a minute ago, hit the wrong button. Nugenix has not worked for me. it was taken as directed and I saw no improvement in energy or sex drive. Apparently, when I ordered the first bottle I didn’t realize that it was on an auto delivery. Not a good decision for a company that is suppose to have a great product. The product maybe great but if it is, then guys that it worked for will go after it before an empty bottle is in their hands. I am looking for my charged bottle credit to be on my CC VERRRY SOON. Reliable companies will do that.
Joe Elston

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My husband started using Nugenix and actually noticed the change in his energy level and all was and is going well…..could be coinsidence but after about week he noticed his feet and ankles were swelling up and actualy hurt we didnt think it could have been the pills so went to dr they tested for gout —tests came back negative —he took the anti inflam med they prescribed and for few weeks all was ok —then it happened again just not as sever …..has anyone heard of or experienced anything like this?? it could totally be unrelated but I heard side effects on a commercial for some low t medication included swollen feet and ankles ????? Dont want my husband getting sick…..????

Nugenix uk

nugenix uk


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