Primo eq stack

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Introduced in 2010, the amp featured Hand-wired turret board construction (against cheaper PCB construction), Birch-ply cabinets featuring solid bracing and a natural high frequency diffuser (versus MDF cabinets and no high frequency diffuser); All-tube design (different from the Custom series tube pre/power amp but solid-state rectifier); ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes (×3) EL84 power tube quartet; (AC30 models); EL84 Duet (AC15 models); GZ34 rectifier (AC30 models); EZ81 rectifier (AC15 models); came factory-fitted with matched Ruby Tubes to provide extended dynamic range; maintained the traditional VOX two-channel design (Top Boost and Normal. High and Low inputs for each channel); the Normal channel features an additional BRIGHT switch; The top boost channel features a HOT/COOL switch to achieve even more gain. A Master Volume/BYPASS switch completely bypasses the Master Volume section allowing incredible levels of gain and sustain to be achieved. OP mode switch cut the amp's Output Power level in half (30 > 15 on the AC30, 15 > on the AC15) allowing higher levels of saturation to be achieved at lower volumes. A Vintage fawn-colored vinyl covering, reminiscent of the 1960 classic AC30 and was available with either Celestion Alnico Blue or Celestion G12M Greenback speakers. A VFS1 footswitch controls the Top Boost channel's HOT/COOL switch was also included. [ citation needed ] The Heritage series 50th anniversary models incorporate the classic EF86 pre-amp tube, which although subject to failure in the late '50s had been re-introduced and improved. The classic EF86 pre-amp tube is remarkable for its high gain and for the notable harmonic overtones it produces and feeds to the power tubes when driven into distortion, providing the creamy distinctive VOX sound of the early hand made amplifiers produced by Jennings of Dartford. Clapton, Cream, Pink Floyd and Queen are ambassadors to the success of the early AC30s. The Heritage series 50th anniversary model stands alone as either the AC15 or AC30 with this distinct circuitry not found in the current VOX line-up.

Primo eq stack

primo eq stack


primo eq stackprimo eq stackprimo eq stackprimo eq stackprimo eq stack