Shots for low testosterone

We are committed to providing basic services for your pet to keep them happy and healthy.  Our mission at PSFL is not to replace your regular vet, but to provide your pet with their annually needed vaccinations and parasite testing at a discounted price.  We know how hard it can be to afford medical care for your furry friend, so we're here to help you cut unnecessary costs.  We are a mobile operation, traveling to many different locations around the DFW area.  Please check our calendar page to see when we will be at a facility near you.  We look forward to helping protect your pet against everyday threats to their health.

Consider for a moment people that you don’t know but still have a lot of access to: people at work, people on the bus or train that you take to work, etc., all of the innocent “bystanders” that you still have contact with on a daily basis: a lot of them may have serious lung diseases like COPD or Asthma for example. And by not immunizing yourself you could be putting those people with serious compromised lung problems at a higher risk through your lack of action. (I have asthma and as I’ve gotten older have been getting annual flu shots, and of course try to protect myself in other ways from contracting anything from others, but the risk is still there and trust me, if I were to contract the flu virus it’s affects on me would be very near dangerous.

Shots for low testosterone

shots for low testosterone


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