Symptoms of low testorone

Christine, I’m so sorry you are going through this experience. We always and only recommend physiological dosing of hormones and we always start with progesterone. Since you have had a hysterectomy, you will also need estrogen, and down the road, maybe testosterone. But we always check hormone levels (not using blood serum) to determine exactly what hormones and what dosing your body needs. Pellets take at least 3 months to wear off, before getting levels checked. Why don’t you go to my website, click on “Begin Your Journey,” scroll down to the bottom where it says “type in your zip code here.” Up wil pop a list of drs who work with bhrt in your area. You will need to call those dr offices and ask if that dr works with compounding labs on personalized bhrt for his patients. When you find a dr, email me at lyn@ and I can direct your next step. When you find a dr, we can work with you over the phone to guide your next steps. Hope this info helps! Hang in there!

Carmen you need to fast and order one of Dr. Sebi’s packs. The small pack should work. Take the pack and fast while you are taking it. Fasting is the best way to cleanse your body of toxins at the cellular level. Drink at least a gallon of spring water every day. Your body will begin to restore its natural balance. Our bodies regulate themselves. When we start to introduce process foods and toxic foreign substances, your body is not able to regulate itself. Stop consuming processed foods and stop putting toxic chemicals into your body, and fast. Follow these recommendations and you will reverse your issue.

Hi my names Maddie and I'm 19 and attend the University Of Kentucky. I was in a fatal car accident during my senior year of highschool and hit a tree. I was in a coma 2 weeks. It's almost been 2 years since my accident and I was attending bellarmine last fall and was taking Ritalin and amantadine. Then second semester I lived away from home for the first time and was taking classes at the community college and dorming at UK. I started taking aderol because didn't like the way Ritalin made me feel. At the moment I feel like my recovery is going down hill, I am as tired as I have been in awhile. Last summer I had more energy than I do now. Last summer I also was in a fog and not 100% mentally there. This summer I'm mentally there but I am exhausted. I think I need to switch medicines. Any advice?

Symptoms of low testorone

symptoms of low testorone


symptoms of low testoronesymptoms of low testoronesymptoms of low testoronesymptoms of low testorone