Test e eq winstrol cycle

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I think you should go with short esters on this one. test tren a and mast p is what i would use. go with 200 - 300 mg test 400-500 mg tren a and 400 mg mast p. you don't need all that other stuff. hell a test tren cycle would be just as good. with a cutting cycle you have to switch things up a little more because you will hit a plateau faster than when on a bulking cycle. I'm not going into this type of cycling with you in the end you have to find what works for you. I will say this there is no need for high doses when cutting, from the looks of it you rely more on the compounds than the diet. another thing eq is not the best thing to add for a cutting cycle. yes it gives you lean gains, but the hunger for most people is already going to be a problem when cutting add eq in there and now you'er screwed. also i would do a lot shorter cycle 24 wks is just to long for a cutting has their own opinion about orals. my opinion is unless you are competing there is no need. why put extra stress on your body? hope i'm not coming off as an asshole. this is just how i feel.

Test e eq winstrol cycle

test e eq winstrol cycle


test e eq winstrol cycletest e eq winstrol cycletest e eq winstrol cycletest e eq winstrol cycletest e eq winstrol cycle