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After a few more drinks and extensive cloud coverage, a group of us creatives decided to blow off the pool and enter the volleyball tournament where somehow, despite the heavy rain and alcohol impairment, we ended up advancing to the finals. Even with major downpours, a large crowd gathered to watch. Trash talk between the teams was out of control, and with bragging rights at stake, the game got serious. Guys began stripping off their rain-soaked t-shirts and the competitive side of me contemplated ditching mine too, as it was impeding my performance.

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Having a kettlebell is essentially halfway to having all the exercise equipment you need. From swings to deadlifts, presses, cleans, snatches and goblet squats, grabbing a kettlebell can help you unlock a near-limitless amount of full-body exercises that can string together a monster HIIT workout. If you plan to purchase just one, our advice is to chose a weight according to an exercise that you might find more challenging. You want a KB that's heavy enough to tax you with moves your efficient with but light enough that you can still move it without compromising your form.
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