Why is my testosterone so high

Testosterone, an essential precursor of estrogen in women, is made in the ovaries and adrenal glands. There is a steady decline in testosterone levels from the 20s through menopause. With surgical menopause, the level of testosterone drops precipitously. No clear lower limit of testosterone has been established; however 15 ng per dL ( nmol per L) commonly is used. One study 38 found that women with 0 to 10 ng per dL (0 to nmol per L) had markedly decreased sexual desire in all situations and absent or markedly decreased orgasms. Because of studies like this, supplemented with anecdotal evidence, many women have been started on testosterone therapy.

It’s tempting to think that bringing testosterone back to “healthy youthful levels” will mean that a return of overall youth and fitness will follow. But it probably doesn’t work that way UNLESS the person in question actually IS youthful with a medical problem that has resulted in abnormally low testosterone. For the older man (say 50+), youthful levels may be neither normal nor healthy in a body that is no longer young in every other respect. The point here is, tread with caution. There could be serious, unforeseen downsides–just as there have been with HRT for women.

I am a 36 year old male. I suddenly developed sexual dysfunction, I have reduced interest, arousal, plateau, and orgasm . The triggering event seems to be the discontinuation of 150 mg Bupropion because of adverse effects. I switched to 20 mg Citalopram, and over the course of six months, I reduced Citalopram to less than mg. However, the sexual dysfunction has remained unchanged. I previously took Citalopram in doses ranging from 10 to 20 mg, depending on the external stress, for six years, and this did not cause significant sexual side effects, except delayed orgasm. While on Bupropion, my semen production stopped, but there were no marked changes in sexual desire, arousal, or behavior. The Citalopram and Bupropion had been prescribed for anxiety and depression , which have been well controlled for many years. Six months after the onset of the sexual dysfunction, a testosterone test revealed total testosterone in the 400s and free testosterone beyond the laboratory's ability to measure it (highly elevated >100). I do not use androgen supplements and illegal or recreational drug. There is no history of alcohol addiction or nicotine use. There is no neurological history, history of an endocrine disease, or surgery. I currently take Fexofenadine, antihistamines, and steroid nasal sprays.

Why is my testosterone so high

why is my testosterone so high


why is my testosterone so highwhy is my testosterone so highwhy is my testosterone so highwhy is my testosterone so highwhy is my testosterone so high